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Lefkandi beach: Poseidon Hotel is located in Lefkandi beach at Evia island.
Poseidon hotel is located at an ideal location on the island of Evia. Within close distance, just fifteen minutes from the island's capital, one of Europe's five oldest cities, Chalkida, our family hotel is a relaxed place on the beach of Lefkandi. With a beautiful view of the historic area of the mainland and the beautiful blue of the Evian Gulf, the Poseidon hotel is an ideal tourist destination. Equally distance from Athens International Airport or the main port of Piraeus, our hotel is only sixty minutes away from Athens. An easy place for excursions towards the rest of Evia or main Greece. Accessible in various ways, our location allows the visitor to easily create beautiful moments of vacations and relaxation.

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Lefka{e}di creativity – leisure painting

Effortless, Nature proves to be the greatest artist, and especially a kind of artist that creates, using the most beautiful colors … paintings of incomparable aesthetics. The sunlight that rises …