at Lefkandi: out of clay creative children's toy, 3000 years old, with amphorae, discovered in Lefkandi.

An important part of history for the expression, the formation and even the way human civilization was spread, is available to be discovered throughout the whole island of Evia. For this reason the island is reasonably characterized as an impressive archeological center. Archaeological sites, unearthed with the help of international archeological missions, offer history's well-kept secrets as well as impressive findings.

Archaeological sites and museums throughout the island of Evia welcome you into the fascinating human history evolved in this place. It is proven to exist for over three thousand years now and to use this land as a basis for long travels. So keeping the little horse from Lefkandi, Europe's oldest toy, children and adults travel to both northern and southern Evia following the exciting flow of history.

Archaeological excursions

1) Xeropoli in Lefkandi
2) Archaeological Museum in Chalkida - Arethusa
3) Archaeological Museum in Eretria
4) Folklore museum in Chalkida

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