Religious tourism: routes to important places of Orthodox ecclesiastical life.

Monasteries and churches with an impressive history, with special religious significance, are an important reason for the visitor to come to Evia and be close to the religious life of the island. With a rich religious tradition and tributes to Mother Panagia, but also in the person of other important Saints, the island of Evia offers throughout its territory, unique opportunities to find the architectural masterpieces of churches and monasteries. It allows people to listen to the folk traditions that glorify the miraculous graces of the Virgin Mary and the Saints, participating in religious beliefs as they are part of the religious tradition that is lost over time.

From the quiet and relaxing surroundings of the Poseidon hotel, start your travels on religious journey, visiting at Prokopi the monastery of Agios Ioannis of Russia, near Istiaia the small church dedicated to Panagia Dinius, at the Kavalarisi Mount base the Monastery of David of the elder, in Chalkida the temple of Agia Paraskevi, as well as other very important places, due to their course in history time, and to the power of their miraculous stories.

Religious excursions

1) Agios Ioannis the Russian in Prokopi
2) The monastery of Osios David
3) Galataki Monastery
4) Holy monastery of Agios Georgios Armas
5) Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary Assumption Makrymalli
6) Holy monastery of Agios Nikolaos Ano Vathia

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