Relaxation: Easy trips during all seasons for relaxation and fun.

Comfortable to start your journey even from Friday night or else from Saturday morning, the excursion begins and ourselves at Poseidon hotel, we welcome you to a relaxed and a calm place. In Lefkandi, Evia, the Poseidon hotel is an ideal destination for weekenders all year round. You start from Athens and in just one hour you arrive in Lefkandi enjoying the route and the short trip by any means for your transportation.

Upon arrival, free time is right there available for swimming, sunbathing, water games and good food. If you prefer sports, then relax and try running along the beach, swimming or trekking, discovering the beauties of the area. We suggest it for sure, to try what it's like to play carefree with the waves and become a fan of kitesrufing or windsurfing, which are very popular in the area of ​​Lefkandi beach. Alternatively, endless walks for relaxation, for good food, coffee and drinks, relax till late nights, offered both at Lefkandi beach and in the close nearby, Chalkida.

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